Following on from the announcement at the weekend, we wish to reassure our customers that GlasWeld UK will remain open for business during the upcoming lockdown.

Our mobile technicians work independently, self-supervise and have Covid measures in place.

Windscreen Repair, Glass Scratch Repair and Headlight Restoration, from Glasweld UK

GlasWeld Systems (UK) becomes an Employee Owned Company

an Employee Owned Company

GlasWeld Systems (UK), a national windscreen repair service is celebrating becoming an Employee Owned Company on 6th October, 2020
Headlight restoration can return headlights to like-new condition

Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration can return headlights to like-new condition....
Windscreen Repair - Free For Most Insured Customers

Save Money With Windscreen Repair

Most customers with comprehensive insurance pay nothing and don't lose their no-claims discount.

Glass Scratch Repair

We help with glass scratch repair, glass graffiti removal, repair chipped glass and more.....

Help the Environment

Windscreen repair and glass scratch repair has a positive environmental impact.

GlasWeld Guarantee: MOT Testing

GlasWeld guarantees that any windscreen repair it carries out will pass the MOT.

Windscreen Repair

If the chip on your windscreen is no bigger than a credit card, GlasWeld can usually repair it. Our national mobile service will come to you and repair any damage found.

It only takes around 25 minutes to repair a chip.

Windscreen Repair

Scratch Repair

GlasWeld's G-Force Scratch Removal System is a force to be reckoned with...

We offer a unique scratch repair polishing system, G-Force, which is believed to be the only system able to produce distortion free results with no optical deviation or visibility distortion.

Scratch Repair

Headlight Restoration

GlasWeld technicians can restore headlights to their original clarity in a simple three-step process.

Headlight restoration is a very cost effective solution. It's also environmentally smart by keeping the old headlights out of our landfills.

Headlight Restoration

Our Environment

Windscreen repair and glass scratch repair has a positive environmental impact.

The more that we all participate in reducing the use of raw materials and the energy needed to produce glass, the better off our environment will be.

Environmental Impact