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GlasWeld Cardiff provides mobile Windscreen Repair, Glass Scratch Repair and Headlight Restoration service at a place convenient to you.

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    Something had got caught between the Rear wiper and windscreen on my 1 year old pride a joy car and had left a scratch which could just about be felt with a finger nail. 😡 Was told by various Auto screen repairers that I would need a new screen as the scratch was to deep to polish out. Didn\'t want to go down the route of a new screen as that has its own consequences. I.e. Poorly fitted which then leaks, poor workmanship damaging paintwork when installing or old bonding glue etc not cleaned out correctly from seal channel etc which leads to water ingress and then rust years afterwards, which I have heard about from various friends. Called Glasweld who told me one of their Technicians would be in touch. Within a couple of hours Paul French got in touch and said he would be out to have a look. Paul arrived the following day and advised me that he could get the scratch out . Now being pretty fussy when it comes to the car, being a member of various car clubs over the years and doin